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Good mornin' Good MORNING!

Yes, I am singing songs from "Singing in the Rain."  Nothing like a crazy hard sweaty workout to jump start the day.  I didn't hit my 12 minute mile and a half but I am so very, very close.  I took it really light for  the first  2 minutes to warm up and then took it rather hard.  I had hoped to hit a mile and a half in about 14 minutes, instead I got it at 13.  So, if I push it from the beginning, I think I'll have it on Thursday. Saturday I think I'll try for a  3 miler again.

I am hearing different things from different people as to difficulty.  Is it harder to run on a treadmill indoors or outside?  I am thinking there have to be pros and cons...I mean indoors one can more accurately track speed and distance ... outdoors is a lot less BORING.  Also outdoors one can go, `Hey, I think I want to sprint for 15 seconds,' and just GO.  Indoors, futzing with the treadmill speed for a mere 15 second burst doesn't really seem worth it.

Did weights for another hour and have now made my aquaintance with one of the leg press machines.  150 lbs ain't too shabby methinks.

I have a LONG way to go before I can do a bona fide chinup though.  Sigh.  Still, poco a poco.

I had a good chat with BJ last night.  There is always much giggling with him, especially since I had left him the now infamous "crinkle crinkle crinkle...GOODBYE" voice message.  I told him what had happened with poor urbanepleb who wasn't as familiar as to the history and humor of the message.  There was much laughing about that...finally, FINALLY somebody reacted the way they were supposed to with it.  It's CREEPY darn it!  Somebody get CREEPED OUT!

(the short version of the story: BJ and I tried to call one of our classmates with a question.  Upon getting the answering machine in a spur of the moment bit of silliness, I quickly grabbed a candy wrapper, crinkled it into the phone for a bit and said in gurgley low voice, "GOODBYE." and hung up.  The next day we watched her just HOPING she would bring up this weird answering machine message and she never did.  Since then we have left it back and forth for several years now.)

He had also rented Maverick, (one of our favorite movies,) and we proceeded to do much quoting back and forh from it.  Maverick was one of the last movies I saw before I left on the mission and I love it.  Yay for wondeful Jodie Foster quotes.  "Was that fast?  I thought that was fast..."

Anyway, back to exercise, we talked about how much BETTER one feels, how much more CREATIVE one finds oneself if you actually GO OUTSIDE and work up a sweat...or even get your heart rate going a bit rather than (as artists tend to do when things aren't going their way,) sitting at home feeling sorry for oneself and hoping for inspiration.  I wished I had a bit more time on "Surviving in the Art World" because while I stressed getting out there, I didn't even touch upon plain ol' exercise.

I miss BJ.  I miss him a LOT and every time we chat I wished that I lived closer.  He just started a teaching gig at Columbia with a 3rd year animation class.  We're going to see if we can work it so I can come out for a few days as a guest lecturer.  That'd be really cool.

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