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First of all, happy birthday xenologue

I spent most of the day very tired. I was up waaay too late last night putting the finishing touches on a project that has taken up much more time than I originally anticpated but have absolutely loved doing. It was supposed to be unveiled today but as I was getting ready to upload the last few items the server went down. Seriously...the very last thing that had to go up. BRZZTTT!!!

I had hoped it would be up in the morning, but alas no.

I bounced IMs with fallenpegasus and even got to field a call to Mexico to find out what was going on with the server. It appears there was indeed a massive crash and they had to replace the server and retrieve the old data.

Old indeed. As I come home this evening it looks like much of TG studios is finally up, but other things, like, saaaay, Red Sparrow...aren't working so hot. I have much to do tomorrow.

I also had a good chat with xenologue on the phone today. She turned my favorite number. TwentySEEVEEENNN!!!! When I turned 27, she called me that evening to tell me she had gotten her temple recommend and would I please escort her through when she came out in a few weeks. Done. It was a great birthday present...definitely an enormous honor.

This evening I went out with the roomies to go to Bryant Jr. High's Multicultural night. They put it on every year and it is quite a to do. We couldn't stick around though, Mary was trying to make rotisserie chicken and the show went on longer than we thought it was going to.

Wild stuff seeing Jr. High kids in cultural costumes and doing dances from all over the world. Pulling back and looking at the different cultures dances and the various dances the men have from the women...the men's dancing seemed to say, "Look how altheltic and powerfully I dance. What a mighty hunter I am!!!" The women's seemed to say, "Don't you find me intriguing and alluring? Wouldn't you like to know more?" From the Polynesian dances to hip hop moves...stripped down, that's what it is. How interesting.

And now I am trundling off to bed. I want to be at the gym early and see if I can break my 12 minute mile and a half. I think it will be happening this week or next.

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