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Holy cow I was cute!

So, I get the random email today from someone I used to MUCK with from many many lifetimes ago. He said he had been scanning in many of his old pictures and came across this one and sent me the link.

January 1994 I was 20 years old, crushing bad on Jimmy Chin (who later kissed me in the hotel room and it was my first and while not awful I thought, "huh. This is it? Okay...WHOA, what ARE you doing?") and had about 6 months before I turned 21 and left on the mission.

So, what do I think looking at this? Holy cow I was cute! And YOUNG. And THIN. Man. How come I didn't know I was cute? I mean, I wouldn't look at the picture and think, "Man, I was a BABE," but boy, I WAS cute...and hey at that con, that said a LOT. (Also at the con I figured out how to tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth and proudly announced it at an ice cream social. Jeanette IS/WAS dumb!) Solicitations galore and in a creepy sort of way.

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