Jett (jatg) wrote,

NOT happy

I finally heard back from Creation today and two of my pieces sold, both for UNDER what I had set as the mimimum bid...and one by a LOT.  My baby, the ORIGINAL Battle On! cartoon went for roughly HALF of what I had it marked as.  I would have rather it not have sold than have it sell for what it did. 
Plus what Creation is taking out for the hanging fee, let's just say there is no WAY I would have done that amount of work for that.  Xena has always been a labor of love...but that doesn't mean I do it so I can get raped by Creation either.
I am going to have a  chat with my lawyer since they are in breach of the agreement (ie: Honoring my minimum bid requests.)

The email I got from Creation today says they got my email with the info too late.  However,  ocyntells me she and ktabornsaw my email with the minimum numbers at the con and noticed Creation didn't follow it at all.  Somebody is lying and gee whiz, I just don't think it's ocyn or ktaborn,  y'know?

Not sure what experiences Creation has had with other artists before, but darn it all,  I'm a professional. 

Why am I mentioning this? 

Just in case they have another art auction in other years and some other artist is thinking about participating in the show.

  Don't do it man.

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