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Because you demanded it...

Oh wait, nobody did, but here's the Beowulf update.

He seems to be doing a LOT better.  He was fairly frisky last night and was a bit of a cuddler this morning.  Hey I'll take any GL I can get.  At least SOMEBODY wants to lick my neck and hey,  I can let him do it sans guilt. ;)  Even my mom can't disapprove.  ;)  (sorry Mom. :D))

In other cool news I've been invited to be part of several panels for BYU's "Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium of Science Fiction and Fantasy" at BYU.  Some of my favorite geek out subjects and I get to be on a panel.  How cool is THAT?  I am having flashbacks of sitting in my animation history class and gushing to the teacher how much I enjoyed it because all those years of immersing myself in Disney and animation history finally were worth something.  She looked at me and laughed and said, "Jeanette, you could TEACH the Disney part of this class."

Update: Sorry, Mitchy says she demanded a Wulfie update wants a retraction. Here you go. Sheesh!

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