Jett (jatg) wrote,

25 January NOT Naked Tuesday

For those of you who never look at my life drawing for modesty's reasons, finally here's some of my work you can look at. 

Most everybody in class was working on doing portraits which is admittedly something I need to work on.  However doing portraits is HARD in a ghetto book so I did a few different things though the evening:

And y'all thought I had been missing class or something! 

Nope, Niles is back and  this time I did 3 drawings of the same pose.  Each drawing was 10 minutes, and hurray, the blues are back!

  10 seconds   One of the coolest gestures of hands I've done.

  5 minutes  I like the way the negative shapes turn this into a picture.

  10  minutes  My least favorite.  Well, there are parts of it I like but the head is SO overworked. 


Whaddya think sirs?

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