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Wet Pet

Beowulf is sick.  He was really lethargic yesterday and I noted that he was also Smelling BAD.  When I got him home I looked over him carefully and nearly gagged.

The poor guy has diarrhea and had sadly gotten a lot of it all over his underside.  The short version of this story is that I wiped a lot of it off and then gave him a bath. 
This is the second time I have had to bathe him and while I recognize again, he was really lethargic, I say again,  I have a superior cat.  He just sat in the sink, he seemed to enjoy the shampoo and didn't have a problem at all with letting the water from the faucet run over his belly while I held him upside down in the sink.  Most DOGS aren't that good, let alone a CAT.  The roomies were impressed.

Thursday is one of my busy days and so I did not take him to work today but I have him in my basement with instructions to the roomies to NOT let him out and do NOT let Mischief in.  I want to see how he does and how his litter looks without any kitten interference. 

Poor guy.

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