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Movin' on...down?

The house where I live also has a basement, or more specifically a basement studio apartment. The girl who lived there I think I saw a grand majority of 3 times. She was rarely there but a few weeks ago came bursting upstairs brandishing a large ring and a very large smile.
The long version short, she got engaged and moved out on a Sunday evening with, oh, about 2 hours notice. Whoops!

The rent wasn't that much more and so yesterday I went from the upstairs to the basement. It's a good move for me because now I actually have some room to work on my various projects. Some of my more recent ones were done in the kitchen with chaos about me. The roommates said they didn't mind, and I appreciate that but I didn't think it was entirely fair to them. So now I have the best of both worlds...I have my own apartment but I go upstairs for the company. And the TV. Because Sunday night is Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal.

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