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I hate Creation

Having a small personal nightmare with Creation Entertainment. Hopefully it will resolve out and I will be able to laugh and tell this story but right now I am anxious, angry and tied up in knots. Short version, I hate Creation for a number of reasons one of which they won't answer their @#$% PHONE OR RESPOND TO EMAIL!!!

Beowulf or the Throwaway Fuzzy Pillow

Beowulf, when not lying on his back, also likes to straddle things. Backs of couches, arm chairs, legs. It cracks me up. And yes, I realize posting pictures of one's cat is weird but I don't have pictures of kids to post and I can't doodle cartoons ALL the freakin' time. It's my cat. I love him. Deal with it.

Jett, Rach and Mary

Two of my roommates got an enormous map of the US and started plotting out trips they want to take with a dry erase marker. Yes, i'm aware I am pulling a face but I was in midwisecrack.

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  • Checking in

    Got a notice that if I don't do a post every so often they'll delete my LJ account. I'd rather that not happen.

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