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It has been a good day.

I got a lot done at work, I took the finished Xena cells and the finished Battle On! cartoon to work to show off before I shipped them to the con and there was much "oooh"ing and "aaah"ing with many suggestions on what to set the minimum bid for each piece of art.
They were righteously indignant along with me when I told them Creation wants a $15.00 hanging fee for EACH PIECE OF ART along with 10% of the final sale ... holy, holy, holy cow! I know Creation is evil and would suck a turnip dry of blood but GEEZE.
Life drawing was fun, more on that tomorrow with the traditonal Naked Tuesday post and kickboxing was GREAT. I had totally over worked my upper body the previous day at the gym and so it really hurt but in a good, push through it kind of way tonight.
And then bonding with the roomies and now Ah'm off t' bed.


Goodnight EVERYBODY!

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