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It has been a fun day. I can't really remember a day I have been this punchy but I've enjoyed it. I'm my own sitcom. Cue the rimshot, thank you very much, I'm here all week.

I spent most of the day bonding with two of the roomies.

Event #1: MacDocs

I dragged the roommates to MacDocswhere I drooled over the G5s, lusted over the iMacs (it's so pretty) and wanted to lick the iPods. I didn't but when I have one of my own, that will be one of the first things I do. Mmmm, licky iPod.

Mary REFUSED to be impressed by anything at MacDocs. I think she likes to act grumpy and unimpressed to get attention because even die hard PC users acknowledge the asthetic superiority of an Apple machine.

"Meh," she says. "I just don't like it." About EVERYTHING. whack!

I did buy a new battery for my laptop, the other one being so far gone it wouldn't hold a charge for 3 minutes. Actually, I'm kind of impressed it lasted as long as it did. So a new battery is a good thing. What exactly is the best way to get the maximum life out of a laptop battery? I am hearing much different advice and I would rather this one last me a fair bit.

Event #2: Going to the Martial Arts Store and Buying Kickboxing Gear

We then went to a martial arts store downtown where I finally bought all the kickboxing gear I needed. Never in my life have I had to buy myself SPORTS equipment and dang if it didn't feel incredibly COOL to look at all my pads and mouthguard and my newly earned yellow belt with black stripe. Holy cow, I'm turning into a bit of an athlete and darned if'n I don't feel a little bit badass about it all.

Event #3 and #4: Going to Hill Air Force Base and Calling Oh Canada!

Mary needed to go up to Hill Air Force Base where we stopped by the PX and the commissary. Preparing to start another game of telephone tag I called upxenologue while we were waiting for Mary to get a parking tag. Much to my babbling shock, her roommate urbanepleb actually picked up the phone, making me wonder if for a minute I had been thrown into the Mirror Universe. None of my friends were sporting new goatees so I decided it must have been a flukey thing and instead enjoyed the conversation.

xenologue was asleep and me being oh so fully aware of how rumpled and grumpy she is if she doesn't finish her nap I told urbanepleb NOT to wake her up but she did ...maybe somewhat inadvertently, but she did and soxenologue and I wound up talking as well. I think it had to be the potential to be a BAD conversation that would go like this:

Alex: WHY did you have Amanda wake me up?
Jett: I didn't, I...
Alex: You KNOW how I am if I don't finish my nap!
Jett: I do, I...
ALEX: RRARRR!!! (reaches through the phone, strangles me and somehow manages to wad me up into a tiny little ball and drop kick me to the next planet.
Jett: AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaauuugghhh!

Fortunately, she believed me when I insisted that I told Amanda NOT to wake her up. So the conversation was good.

Some Things are being planned, details to follow. Should be interesting though. The roomies are excited. Well, mine anyway. I'm frankly a little stunned.

Event #5: Chez Atwood

Stopped by my mom's house. I love stopping by there because:

1. It's always good to see the folks. Well, mom anyway. Dad was in the cottage. *wavels* Hi dad!
2. Always fresh bread (totally just came off the breadmaker. It was the first thing I noticed when we walked into the house. Wow...fresh bread. Yay!)
3. I never know what I am going to leave with. Case in point. Today I left with
a. 2 packets of halibut. I told the roomies to stop there on the way back from the base so I could get some fish:

Conversation with the roommates as follows:

Jett: Let's stop at my folks house. I want to see if I can finangle some fish.
Rachel: What for?
Jett: (pause) For...EATING.
Rachel: Oh. I didn't know.
Jett: No, really I like to keep it under my pillow. It helps me sleep at night. What do you THINK I wanted it for?
Mary: HA HA HA!

b. A jar of homemade 1998 applesauce. Yay for homemade apple sauce.
c. A fax machine. Yes, a fax machine. This is the fax machine that I would fax letters home to on my mission or would fax stuff to my mission home and also sent faxes to and from Nicaragua when phoenix_jade was serving his mission. I am delighted though because our house phone doesn't work for beans and we have needed a new one. If I post the number, will I get fun random LJ faxes? How cool would that be? How very retro. We have a FAX machine. :D

I think my roommates were greatly amused by our haul as we left my parents house and I think my mom was happy to see some clutter disappear. Win win sez I.

Event #6: The nightly exercise routine:

Later this evening we did "The Hang," and I went from 15 seconds to 20. Shelby went from 18 to 30. Dang it. I've got to catch her. Next week we are going to be adding The Plank and Wall Sits. It's getting kind of fun where I live. Woot.

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