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To Oz? To Oz!

Okay so my subject has nothing to do with the entry. In no particular order:

1. I got MUCH storyboarding done today. I hope to have the rest of the short boarded out by Friday and then start putting the lieca reel together on Saturday. I love noodling around with the timing on things making sure it is just so.
2. My new glasses arrived today so I left work a few hours early to go get them. I look very cool and am delighted with them.
3. Life drawing tonight was good but COLD. I felt bad for the model but we DO surround the stand with many space heaters.
4. In life drawing I gave an impromptu little lecture on how to do gestures and when I was done I realized that a few other students were listening in. This for me is strange because I have never felt competent enough in life drawing to really thing I had anything to offer to other artists whom I considered competent as well. Turns out I kinda do.
5. Wulfie is starting to lay the smackdown on Mischief. I am delighted to watch him finally start asserting himself. "Dude," he says. "I was here first." Go Wulf.
6. Kickboxing tonight was a lot of fun and with the exception of one, all the roommates came. We went through the regular (painful) hour and then went through our kata. After forms 1-3, the beginners were bowed out and then the more advanced students went up to 6. And THEN, she made the more advanced students do their forms all by themselves. It's a lot harder when it's just you up there. I need to tighten things up considerably but Sabina was impressed with how I was able to just bang out #4 even though we haven't practiced it that much.
When Rachel and I got home we made the two who had made it to class practice out Form #1 so we can get all of us at the house on the same page because that will be Very Cool.
7. I had Dad install the chinup bar at our house and tonight we all saw how long we could hang with our chin above the bar. We have decided we are going to do it every day and see who improves the most.
Shelby-18 seconds
Jett - 15 seconds
Mary- 2 seconds
Rachel- .5 seconds
Christie- 1 hop.

I am determined to be able to beat Shelby by the end of the week. Grrr and all that.
8. I am going to be up too late tonight painting animation cells but they DO look awfully nice when they are done.
9. Now I am just typing stuff to see if I can get to 10.
10. Yay! I made it. Oh yeah, I know what I was going to type. The miniMac is a dead sexy machine. Thank you Steve. How I wish you ran Disney.

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