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7 drummer boy day!

Someone came into the theater today and bought their tickets with mostly quarters...SEVEN of which were bicentennials, all very bright and shiny. I looked at the kid, a rather grungy looking kid at 14 trying to be 18 and I figured somebody got into somebody's collection. Ouch for them, yay for me.

One of my coworkers asked me why I collected bicentennial quarters. Why indeed? Why do we collect anything? "Because it gives me pleasure," I told her. I told her my plan to live to see the tricentennial of the United States (I would barely turn 103) and maybe by then my coin collection will be worth something. That's not the reason I do it though.

I remember when I first started keeping my bicentennial quarters...when I lost one of my first teeth and the tooth fairy left me a 76 quarter. I believe I have close to 200 of them now. Besides, quarters and other cool coins are easier to keep than dolls and hats.

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