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The day...

So we got a new roommate and along with her other things, she showed up with a kitten.

Now, Beowulf is very easy going and seemed relatively nonplussed when the two were first introduced but now this new kitten (appropriately named "Mischief") will not leave him alone and Wulfie is starting to be more and more unhappy. I'm afraid his irritation is only serving to egg Mischief the point M won't give him a moment's peace. I had to chase M out of the litter box so Wulfie could use the darn thing.

I'm glad Wulfie gets to go to work with me 3 days out of the week. I'm afraid he's going to be miserable on Tuesday and Thursday when I can't take him. I'm wondering if he will be able to find a place where he can be left alone.

In other news the abandoned car in the back will be staying abandoned in the back a little longer. Dad and I thought it was going to go well but unfortunately the wheel locked and we had to abandon that particular project. Hopefully we'll Dad will be able to get something figured out and we can get our driveway freed up.

I got much drawing done today with all of my projects. The storyboards are coming, I got a lot of art ready for the Con, I even did a successful painting test on the bristol board to make sure the gouache would paint on it and it did...hooray. :) I'll have to scan it in later and post it up. Yay for Xena and Gabrielle going for a vigerous ride on Argo. Cue the theme song.

So yes, a good artistic day. That's all I ask for. And a star to guide me. ;)

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