Jett (jatg) wrote,

Ten things in no particular order:

1.  It is still snowing outside.
2. Wulfie hid from me this morning.  I think he thought I was going to take him to work today but that is on MWF.
3. Two roommates have left and one new one has moved in.  The other one will be here on Saturday.
4. I had a dream I was living back in Seattle.
5. Visiting past obsessions can be fun as long as you know it's a visit and you don't live there anymore.
6. I love storyboarding.
7. The word "Yipple" makes me laugh.
8. I am having dreams of cutting off all my hair and shaving my head.  Just once.  To see what it's like.
9. I do not like the months of January or February.
10. I am still waiting for my new glasses to arrive which hopefully will be before next Friday.

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