Jett (jatg) wrote,

Well, it sounded odd to ME.

I have been sick the last few times I made it to kickboxing.  Last night though I felt pretty good and even though I wake up every morning a giant phlem ball, I feel I am very much on the mend.

Anyway, last night we were doing our cool down stretches  and as I am leaning over a leg I hear Sabina say, "Try to put your forehead on your chin."
I keep stretching and then as if out of a dim fog,  my brain perks up and says, "What did she say?"
So I murmer to the girl next to me.  "Did she just say put your forehead on your CHIN?"

She looks at me blankly.

"Forehead on your SHIN."

Oh. Very obviously DUH, but enough people heard and started snickering.

Sabina looks up at me and says,  "Good to have you back Jeanette."


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