Jett (jatg) wrote,

The Good & the Bad (not in this particular order.)


So yesterday I'm at the Guest Desk and a lady comes up (over 65) and tells me that her friend accidentally threw her parking validation away.
"No problem!" sez I as I pass another one to her.
"No..."she falters, "She threw the parking ticket away."
"Oooohhhh," sez I in wincing response.
This is a Bad Thing. Without that they will charge her the maximum amount (I think 15 dollars) to leave the garage. The lady points out the garbage can to me. I heave a big sigh, look around (theater isn't THAT busy, I guess I can take the time to do this myself,) so I go and pull the bag out of the can. I survey the contents...not really that much in there but I am not seeing the obvious telltale yellow card that is a parking ticket.
The friend comes and flutters by me.
"I know I threw something away!" she says.
"Maybe it was just my ticket."
I pull out 3 more half empty sloshing drinks.
Garbage cans at the the theater have a unique smell...sweet sticky rotten with butter. Not appealing.
I don't see the validation anywhere.
"Are you sure you threw it away?" I ask.
"I don't know," she says.
I feel like a tech support guy. "Is your maching plugged IN?" I think to myself.
"Did you park in the parking garage?" I ask.
"What do you mean?" she says.
"WHERE did you PARK?" I ask.
"OH!" she says brightly. "We found a spot on the street!"

She instantly realizes what she has made me do.
"Oh! I've just embarassed myself!" she says and flees the theater.

We host birthday parties and due to my oh so suave demeanor and ability to work a crowd I'm generally in charge of them. It's a lot of fun and something I do on my own incentive is do a "This Day in History" for the birthday person.

I saw that we had a birthday planned when I came into work but it didn't have the information on the exact date of the birthday. I called the contact number and talked to the little girls mother. I told her what I was planning to which she replied, "Oh we know! We saw you do that to someone else the last time we went to a movie and my daughter insisted she have her birthday at the Megaplex!"

Totally made my day. I should get commission. :)

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