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In the end...Ha! Get it? End? END? C'mon, do you get it?

2004 in Review:  The highlights:

January:  Christmas season was over at the movie theater.  Applied for the upcoming assistant manager position and didn't get it.  That was an experience that completely liberated me and gave me hope.  Answer to prayer, "I have better things in store for you."  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

February:  Went to San Francisco to visit Sylvie and Ryan and BJ who also flew in from Chicago.  Just being around all my schoolmates recharged me and I went back to Utah with even more resolve.  Plus got some killer pajamas.  I am grateful. Thank you Lord.

March:  Met Paul at life drawing who proposed that he start tutoring me in Maya.  I start selling cartoons to Sunstone.  They love me and never want me to chicken out or stop.  I have a million ideas for cartoons.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

April:  The Maya tutoring beings and to my joy, it's a not completely incomprehensible program and I actually CAN do it. I also do some freelance animation.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

May:  Chuck at Smartbomb sees my Maya work and makes me an offer.  I TAKE it.  I am so very, very, very, very grateful.  Thank you Lord.

June:  End of my movie theater career.  The last big film I have to deal with is Harry Potter.  The experience is such that it ensures I do not miss the theater at ALL.  I start at Smartbomb and really get thrown into the water.  I take a summer workshop on gesture.  I turn out to be pretty good at it.  I do that month's Sunstone cover.  I am proud of it.  I have my birthday.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

July:  I take a workshop on anatomy.  I turn out to be not too bad at that either.  I love going into work.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

August:  I go visit my friend Alison in Las Vegas and have a great time.  I move from my apartment into a new place to save on rent.  I rather like it there.  Beowulf starts coming to work with me.  The guys all love him.  I take a summer workshop dealing with long poses.  I need work at it but make progress and have a good time. I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

September:  I start a painting class and turn out to be NOT so great at it but I have a great time.  I make more friends.  I am grateful.  I start going to kickboxing.  I am TERRIBLE at it but I love going anyway.  Thank you Lord.

October:  Start a new project at work and am super excited about this one.  My work is starting to look really awesome in the game.  I get kudos. I take a machine quilting class with my mom and have a GREAT time.  I am not too bad it.  I start thinking of quilting projects.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

November: My routine gets even more settled in.  I start BFL and instantly start feeling better.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

December:  I get my review, they love me.  I see my whole family.  I love them.  I am incredibly excited about 2005 and wonder where I will be next year.  I am looking forward to the adventures.  I am grateful.  Thank you Lord.

And my resolutions?

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Become one with my inner sociopath.

Get your resolution here


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