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The one where I talk about the goings on of the weekend:

So, the furnace decided to die on Friday evening. Now you know with an opening line like that that what follows would ordinarily be a tale of chilly cold and multiple blankets and cuddling up with big boneless fuzzy cats and since you, gentle reader, know that is what is coming I'll spare you the majority of it.

It WAS cold Friday evening and cold most of the day Saturday. I stitched together more sketchbooks and called up xenologue to tell her of my Saturday evening plans since she is the only person on the planet whom I know that would find my plans very very cool. And cool as in a "Holy cow, that's neat I wish I were going," and not a pun on the temperature of my house.
As it turns out we had a very long chat and it made me want to more seriously research plane tickets back to Oh Canada.

Speaking of Oh Canada (and how's THAT for a sneaky segueway,) my oh so cool (and again cool as in...oh heck, let's not go through that again,) plans for the evening included tickets to go see Leahy in concert.

Leahy is a family band that xenologue introduced me to back in January of 98 and from that time forward I have been a fan. Listening to them play makes me happy and it also reminds me of cold snowy drives twixt Oakville and Guelph. They remind me of going to Ceilis that I was first dragged to and then wildly enthusiastic about. They remind me of art school and working into the wee hours. They remind me of many, many, many things and again, they make me happy when I hear them.
I found out last Sunday they would be playing in Park City and promptly got myself two tickets and then called up my friend Brittany who I was certain would indulge me in an evening of crazy fiddling and high step dancing. I would have invited xenologue but she had hockey and her personal transporter is still broken. Darn those non working personal transporters!
The house was still cold though and it looked like it wasn't going to be fixed until Monday so I packed up a few clothes, packed up Beowulf and we headed off to a house where I KNEW it was going to be hot.

"Hello, Mom? Can I sleep over for the weekend?"

Yay for parents that love me and my cat.

The concert was great. The crowd sadly was not. It took them a while to get warmed up (the majority being Park City season ticket holders,) but were charmed eventually and while the screaming was not as great on the tape that xenologue made for me that I completely wore out on their last number when they play like crazy and eventually surrender their instruments and are all dancing in unison and when they finish there is this enormous pregnant pause before the crowd goes nuts, yes that happened but not to the extent it did on the tape and boy oh boy is this a long sentence and it was amazing to see in real life.

I got to watch Donnell do this impossible fiddle trick and I thought of xenologue telling me that she had seen them in concert and actually got to talk to him and ask him how he did it and he did it like 2 feet from her and she's still not quite sure how he does it.

Donnell is reported to be absolutely hands down one of the best fiddle players in the world (and the difference according to xenologue (and yes, I'm mentioning her a LOT in this post, but again, she's the one that introduced me to them and the grand majority of my Leahy memories swirl around her, deal with it, so there.) the difference according to xenologue is attitude.

After seeing him play, I believe it. He plays like a madman working in his lab. He plays like a lunatic, he plays with a sense of humor, of passion, of joy, of sheer psychotic happiness. He plays with ATTITUDE. I loved it. We whooped. We cheered. I whistled really loudly and annoyed all the old people who were sitting around me trying to clap politely to "Call to Dance" when really you are supposed to be standing up and cheering as more and more of the members of the group start dancing. I loved the whole thing so much I called xenologue twice to leave messages on her answering machine just of the concert. How obnoxous is that? and the answer is "VERY."

If you ever have a chance to see them in concert it is so worth your time. It's impossible to leave without a big fat grin. My face hurt.

After the concert Brittany and I hung back a bit and let the crowd around their signing table disperse and then we went to chat with them. I got them to sign my CD (oh so cool,) and told them that unlike probably over 4/5s of the people there that night, I had actually heard of them before. They seem pleased and even more pleased when I told them I had lived in Canada three years.
"So yes," I said. "I'm a fan and I've always wanted to see you guys in concert. I've wanted to see your impossible fiddle trick and now I have."

Brittany had a great time as well and we were so keyed up that we belted out all the raucous Christmas songs we could think of on the way home. We sang until we were hoarse.

She offered to let me stay at her place for the evening but since she says she keeps the temperature at 62 and I would be sleeping on the couch I opted to come home the rest of the way and sleep in a nice warm bed with my cat snuggled up at my feet.

And I dreamed of Canada.

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