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It has been a good day.

I had a great workout this morning even though I wound up hurting my back again. The good news is I now know what I did and will not be repeating the same mistake twice. Ow ow ow...

Work was really engaging actually. Much of the main animation is done on the characters I've been working on so now Nathan and I are going through each piece finding the little pops and smoothing them out. It's really awesome to see how great they are looking in the game.

We are both feeling confident in our ability to really start cranking the animations out for the new characters. (We just need the new characters modeled and rigged!) He and I work well together and it's so nice to have a colleague on the same page. Again, yay for animator geekiness.

This evening I watched a bunch of episodes of Absolutely Fabulous with my roommate and laughed my fool head off. I can see why so many people rave about it.

And then I drew a new Red Sparrow and now I am going to bed. Anyone want to come massage out my lower back first? Again with the ow ow ow.

And tomorrow is my long favorite day. In life drawing I'm going to be giving my Christmas presents to Kris, Deirdre and Kamille. I have worked hard on them and they jolly well better appreciate them. (They will, I just like grumping about all my hard work. And it HAS been hard work, but I like making things for people I care about.)

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