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Geeking out...

A new animator started today and it fell to me to show him the game animation works, how to export, how to put it in the engine, how to check it into the game...all sorts of fun techie stuff so I typed up a quick training manual.  They are pleased.

Plus, yay!  Somebody to geek out with over animation.  It has been a long, long, long, long time since I've had someone on a daily basis with whom to geek.  Someone who doesn't roll their eyes when I go into the finer points of layout in Beauty and the Beast or say, "The WHAT Giant?" when I rant about the morons over at Warner Brothers.  Someone whose eyes don't glaze over when I debate the merits of Tiny Toons vs Animaniacs and why Gizmoduck WAS the coolest character in DuckTales.

My roommates don't care and he says his wife tunes him out so we are excited to again be able to animation geek.

I am grateful.

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