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Naked Tuesdays

Sadly, our last night with Mike.  He's such a dynamic model with such an interesting physique.  Very stocky, short and musclar but it's not like he's 3% bodyfat or anything.
Anyway, I'm kind of mad at myself  because I felt like I blew my gestures.

  Mike: Three  minutes

I couldn't find my conte pencils so this was a regular pencil.  It was a great pose though.  I wish I could have captured that wonderful lolling effect he had with his head arched so far back, plus the stretch he had in his arms and chest.  He was holding onto two ropes suspended from the ceiling for that nice stretch. 

Click for full image

  Mike: Fifteen Minutes

Yay! I found my pencils.  And lost my sense of proportion.  His head is too big.  I think his torso came out fairly well but it needs a lot of refinement.

Click for full image

  Mike: Twenty minutes

I really like this one.  He looks really solid though I lost the proportion on his legs again.  Not too bad though.  I also tried to  be more subtle with the white, but I like the tri color look.

Click for full image

What do you think sirs?

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