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Life drawing and kickboxing tonight. I love both.

I wish they didn't overlap but they do. Just barely, but enough that I generally miss the last 40 minutes of life drawing. I need kickboxing though. I love to work up that sweat and get my arms and legs exhausted and walk out feeling like I could beat up a giant. I love figuring out how far away I am from my next belt. (Probably 5 or 6 more classes. Yellow with black stripe. I'm sure you're all impressed.) I am now working on basic form number 3 of Wadu Ru style (and I have NO idea how to spell that.) It's a Japanese form that means, "The Way of Peace" which cracks me up. It is very peaceful if you can beat up all your opponents.
In American lingo it translates to: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Plus, dang. I'm seeing results in my arms and my legs. Seriously. My legs are starting to RULE.

My "fat girl" pants kept falling off me today. HuzZAH.

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