Jett (jatg) wrote,

Had an enjoyable day yesterday. I got quite a few projects well under way and later went into SLC to go to an art show my kickboxing teacher was putting on. She does portraits and she's actually fairly talented.

It was a small scene at a local coffee house (yay for me and hot chocolate,) and I met a lot of eclectic people. I met a former minister for the United church who gave that up, wrangled horses and now works at a landscaper. I met a 60+ jazz bass player and also got to chat to my kick boxing instuctor OUT of her workout clothes. Always interesting to see how people dress up in "real life." She's a lot more...funky than I would have thought.

There were also a million people downtown. I was tempted to stroll down with the rest of humanity and watch the lights be lit but it was rather insane. I'll have to do it later this holiday season. I have admittedly limited experience of Christmas in other cities but I can't imagine few cities deck themselves out better than Salt Lake City. (Even if there aren't candy displays anymore in the ZCMI windows.)

Anyone wanna come see the lights?

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