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6:15 in the morning at a fabric store? I don't think so!

So I woke up this morning with my mom tapping my foot which I leave outside my covers to ask as a thermometer.

This means she is feeling affectionate or wanting something. :)

"Do you want to go to Jo-Ann's?"

A fabric store. At 6:15 in the morning? Not at all, why?

We arrived there at 8:30 in the morning (we had to be there before 9:00 to use our coupons,) I grabbed the stuff I wanted (50% off as well as 20% off my entire purchase. ) and then got in line. I was in LINE at 8:50.

We were getting our fabric cut a little before NOON. The line was insane and some women who had arrived at the store at 6:00 AM were still getting their fabric CUT. It turned out to be kind of fun though. I joked we were like tag team wrestlers. One would stay with the cart, the other would roam.
Mom was smart in grabbing a cart though and we took pity on some of the women behind us who had large bolts and no place to put them. We ultimately wound up sharing the cart between 5 women. We had a good time though, everybody laughing and joking and even the cutter ladies seemed to be in a cheery mood. I was pleasantly surprised.

So yes, I dropped some coin there and, yes, I actually spent more on fabric than my mom...but I had been eyeing some particularly spendy stuff so today when it was 50% off with 20% additional off my total purchase I walked out feeling happy and a little smug.

And what am I working on?

It's too close to Christmas to be asking those sorts of questions. ;)

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