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The one where I congratulate teams and ramble a lot. Plus the making of chicken noodle soup.

First of all congrats to my high school; the Davis Darts, on their first state football championship since 1976. They have BEEN to the state championships and one year won every single game except for the one fallenpegasus went to. Way to go Mark.

I believe the last time they went to state was my junior year of high school. I remember it was November 17, 1989 and the reason I remember that date so well was because it was the same day The Little Mermaid got released. I was actually a little torn but went to the game. We were favored to win and were creaming the other team by halftime but it all fell apart in the second half. I remember sitting up in the stand just stunned watching the game unfold. It was like a wake at school on Monday.

Second, congrats to the University of Utah football team. Yay for a perfect season and hopefully they will get a good bowl out of it. Frankly college rankings mystify me but a perfect season is a perfect season.
We had a small get together at my place for the game and me and the roomies rather got into it. I made homemade chicken noodle soup after making some quick phone calls to my mom and my sister. Well, the one to my sister wasn't altogether brief. I spent time talking to my niece who seemed to wander around aimlessly and tell me whatever was on her mind. Very cute. I didn't mind.
"Aunt Jeanette?"
"Guess what?"
"What, Loo?"
"Um...I'm now in my closet and guess what?"
"I'm looking at my pink dress and it has sparklies but guess what?"
"I didn't wear that for Halloween, I was a witch!"
"I know. You were a very cute witch."
"Aunt Jeanette, guess what?"
"My witch costume had sparklies too, but it wasn't pink."

I noted a few days ago my sister wyckhurst had a thread that went rather long about reading how in some pregnancy groups the expectant mothers are also planning on their children's personalities which causes her some great guffaws.

I used to joke how I was afraid of having a girlie girl because I wouldn't know how to deal with her but the more I play with my niece the more I realize how much that doesn't matter. There are very few times I have felt like I am letting her down with my lack of knowlege...and right now it's small. I don't really know how to braid hair very well so when she asks for braids I tell her I can't do it, and how would a pony tail be? I guess if I saw her every day and had to do it, I would be able to braid hair.
I don't have to like to wear pink to be able to tell her how pretty she is in her pink dress. I don't have to know ballet to tell her how cute she is and because I am an artist I get props from her for being able to draw the Disney princesses.

I don't have to have the same personality, nor do they have to have mine for me to be able to adore them.

xenologue asked me once about a million years ago what I would do if I had a girlie girl daughter who wanted to be say, a cheerleader. I thought about it and told her that I would tell her if she wanted it, that was great and I would cheer her on and never, ever, ever tell her how lame I thought cheerleaders were. There are much worse fates than having a kid who wants to be a cheerleader.

So, my chicken noodle soup came out fabulous. I had to do some improvisations from the recipe but nobody complained about it and the trick of sauteeing the vegetables really preserved the flavor. Because it's ME, I added a small dash of cayenne to it and I think it added just a nice amount of spark. Really, just a teeny bit. Teeny weenie. Not to be seen.

Since I had a late start with the making of the soup I was deboning when our guests were here. I was joking as I pulled out innards, "Hey look! It's a heart! What'll you guys give me if I eat it?" Everyone was properly grossed out but since nobody offered any money the heart went uneaten. Like that would be a big deal anyway. I've had chicken hearts before.
What I found interesting though was one of the girls was making a big deal that I was touching the chicken and ripping it apart. "Eeeewwww! I could never do that!"
Um, you're married, you're planning on being a mother...and deboning a chicken grosses you out? Because MAN.

I actually rather like deboning chickens. There is something wonderfully primitive about ripping that chicken apart, seperating bones and joints and ripping off the meat. I have loved doing it ever since I was a kid. In my family I was the primary deboner.

I remember once a few days before my mother's surgery during the Summer From Hell, I came home at 10:00 at night and my mom had decided to boil like 5 or 6 chickens so I got to debone them into the wee hours of the morning.

Plus a boiling chicken with celery and onions and a few carrot sticks makes the house smell GREAT.

In the midst of making the chicken noodle soup somebody asked me if I was going to make the noodles as well and seemed a little disappointed when I laughed at them. Ummm. No.

I have aunts who are amazing cooks though who make their own noodles. Several months ago I had a dream I was talking to my aunt Genevieve and was trying to get her fried chicken recipe from her. It was vERY important that I get it and write it down before it was TOO LATE. I really should call her on the phone and start picking her brain.


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