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For some reason I am in a raging pissed off mood without being able to point to a single thing that would get me so worked up. 

I could easily easily label the following as culprits for my pissed off mood:

1. In my dream last night I had a friend come and visit I haven't seen for a while.  In my dream I looked at her and said, "This is a dream, right?  I'm dreaming you're here and I'm going to wake up and you don't be here and then all day I'll be feeling cranky."  She laughed and gave me a hug and I noted that I could smell baby powder.  I woke up, realized it was a dream and got a bit cranky.
2. I have to redo the grand majority of the animation I'd gotten done this week.  They changed the model just enough that it caused much of my animation to go all wonky.
3. Dumb news reports.
4. I'll keep this one to myself to prevent insulting people.
5. Not enough sleep the night before.

I won't though because usually I am not bothered by these things.  I do not stress easily nor do I overworry situations though I probably should.

I guess I will blame hormones and go home and curl up with a good book.  And be cranky.

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