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So, there's this meme going around...

Where you invite people to query you about things they probably should know about your but don't.  Actually "Ask me Something" is a favorite game I play among more intimate friends but I'd figure I'd spare everyone the suspense.

In no particular order here are 100  things about me:

1. I speak Spanish

2. I've been skydiving.
3. I have lived outside of the US.
4. I knew what I wanted to  be when I was six years old.
5. I grew up and did it.
6. I'm fairly conservative.
7. I'm religious.
8. My favorite soundtrack is Superman by John Williams.
9.  I had the lead in the school play my senior year.  (Annie Get Your Gun.)
10. I have a cat named Beowulf
11. I had four teeth pulled before I got braces so all the teeth in my mouth would fit.
12. I'm the shortest person in my family. (5'7)
13. Either my index finger is short or my ring finger is long.  De todos modos, my finger  proportion is weird.
14. I named my Geo Tracker "Friday."
15. I served a mission in Washington DC South.
16. I grew up in North Carolina.
17. I started wearing glasses when I was 9.
18. I have Asperger's Syndrome.
19. I have worked for 4 companies (so far) as an animator.
20. I love the US.
21. I'm awfully fond of Canada.
22. When I was in 4th grade I was reading on a college level.
23. I am a middle child.
24. I was a hard core nutball fan of Xena: Warrior Princess.
25. I love texture.
26. I'll try almost anything once.
27. I'm taking kickboxing.
28. I was hypnotized in front of the entire school my senior year and cheerfully announced I was  going to marry the principal's son.
29. I beat out Santa Claus for coolness with my nephew.
30. I make my own sketchbooks.
31. I would still rather fly than be invisible.
32. I own 2 boxes of Prussian Blue Nu Pastel.  (yes, that's a LOT.)
33. I wanted a bed with drawers when I was five. (and I got it.)
34. I have a small head.
34. I own a pair of leather pants.
35. I thought Angela Anaconda was hilarious.
35. My family had a dog from when I was five years old to almost 23.  (yes, the same dog.)
36. I have raised several baby birds.
37. I got to escort my best friend through the temple.
38. I can imitate roller coasters.
39. I think Steven Sondheim is a brilliant man.
40. I have made 4 quilts.
41. I am queen of 2 man Uno.
42. I have never been skinny dipping.
43. I hate cold.
44. I have never been snow skiing.
45. I met the head writer of Xena Warrior Princess.
46. The head writer of Xena: Warrior Princess complimented my Battle On! comic strip.
47. I want to work at Pixar.
48. I live too far away from my 2 best friends.
49. I am not limber.
50. I wasn't let into the ninth grade advanced art class because the teacher said  I would have  been "a waste of space."
51. My favorite class, (outside of drama) in high school was AP Biology.
52. I was 4 credits shy of a minor in Anthropology when I left Weber State University.
53. I want to learn French.
54. I learned how to "regular whistle" in 2000. (I could already do the loud piercing whistle.)
55. I have played "Strip Uno." (and I've NEVER lost.)
56. I have illustrated a magazine cover.
57. I have done some things I promised to do in the pre mortal existence.
58. I wish I knew what the rest of them were.
59. I love my family.
60. I miss my grandfather.
61.  I have brown hair and eyes.
62. I was dubious when I read my first Harry Potter book.
63.  I miss the sense of purpose and comraderie of school.
64. I am a terrible dancer.
65. I love holding game nights.
66. I have directly or indirectly gotten over 50 people to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000.
67. I do a killer Elmo impersonation.
68. Ditto Julie Andrews and Kermit the Frog.
69. I have seen every animated Disney movie from Beauty and the Beast forward on it's opening day  or before.  (the lone exception being Pocohontas, but I was on my mission at the time.)
70.  I plan to live to the age of 103.
71.  I wanted Superman underoos when I was a kid.
72.  I cried at the end of "The Iron Giant."
73. I biked 50 miles in one day.
74. I used to type at about 95 WMP.  (Not sure where I am now.)
75. I can sing "The Nations of the World" from Animaniacs. (that's my cheap party trick  memorization feat.)
76. I once read the Book of Mormon in a week.
77. I prefer bright red Converse hightops.
78. I've been in love before.
79. And gotten some great cartoons about it.
80. My mom's side of the family say I look like her.
81. My dad's side of the family say I look like my dad's sister.
82. I am closer to most of my siblings as an adult than I ever was growing up.
83. Christopher Reeve will always be Superman.
84. I remember Walter Cronkite's last broadcast.
85. Ditto Mary Lou Retton's perfect 10 on the vault.
86. One day on my mission I had breakfast at a Guatemalean's house, lunch with a fellow from  Nicaragua and dinner with a family from El Salvador.  (This actually occured with some  frequency.)
87. I cried when my mission trainer was transferred away.
88. I did cartoons for the yearbook when I was in 9th grade.
89. I don't really find Will and Grace that funny.
90. I think Ron and Hermione are going to get together.
91. For me, figure drawing a spiritual experience.
92. I own a motorcycle.
93. I HATED "AI"  Hated, hated, hated, hated.
94. I miss Seattle.
95. I treat my friends very, very well.
96. I love being an aunt. 
97. I make a mean oatmeal, chocolate chip, raisin cookie.
98. I have over 150 bicentennial quarters.
99. I love curry.
100. I am supposed to do something important in my life.

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