Jett (jatg) wrote,

After a two week haitus I'm happy to report Naked Tuesdays is back. It's funny, I went into Kamille's studio last night and thought, "Ah. Things are back to normal."

Sort of.  After two weeks I'm a little rusty.

The always interesting Cassandra: Five minutes

She is always interesting. She invited us to a fundraiser vegan Thanksgiving on Sunday to help raise money for...pigs? Something like that. I get a dollar off if I donate a blanket to help keep a pig warm. I might go just for the experience. I've never had a vegan Thanksgiving. Now, if it were actually ON Thanksgiving I wouldn't be going but I like pigs in blankets.
ANYWAY, I like this drawing. I went to straight to ink using a brush pen. The proportions are awful but I'm using this as an exercise to help me see big shapes in shadows which help define mass. Kinda cool.

More Cassandra: Five minutes
One of my brush pens was totally dying so I used that first to lay in some mid tone shadows and then used the other end of the pen, (the one NOT dying,) to lay in the lines. It looks very comic book. (Insert favorite Comic Book Guy quote here.) Mine is: "Ooooh! I've wasted my life!"

Yes, it's still Cassandra: TEN minutes

Went for a more tradional look this time. I feel rather "meh" about it. It looks flat and mushy and the lighting feels random.

What do you think sirs?

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