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One less euthanized cat...

So my manager at work has this Maine Coon which used to belong to his ex sister in law...(I think.) It was one of those weird `pass the cat' situations which has never failed to baffle me. When I or anyone in my family gets a pet it's for life. I've never understood and have generally been enraged by the cavalier attitude of some pet owners.

They say, "Well, we're moving. Want a dog?"

I hear, "Hi. I'm an incredibly selfish person with myopic vision who should never be allowed near another living thing. Heaven forbid I ever have children because if I think a pet can be inconvenient, try a screaming kid in a theater."

At anyrate, my manager at work has had this cat foisted upon him...and to his and his wife's credit they've tried to find a home for it and they'd like to keep it but his wife is hugely allergic and it's gotten so bad they gave themselves a deadline to get rid of the cat.

The deadline is tomorrow.

I went home and talked to my folks about it, (and honestly if they didn't want him, I'd probably take him,) and then the phone rang. It was one of my mom's good friends who absolutely adores Beowulf and when I told her about this other cat they agreed to take him in a heartbeat. They had initially planned on getting him for their daughter and her family who also loves Beowulf and have looked into getting a Maine Coon. Unfortunately they also have another cat who is mean and aggressive and they were afraid he'd really whale on the new cat.

So, my mom's friend decided SHE would take him. I am very pleased.

As awesome as this other cat is, most people going into shelters want cute little puppies and kittens. I didn't think this other guy had really good odds so I'm really delighted to be the mediator on this one.

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