Jett (jatg) wrote,

So, how did it go...?

My shindig was a rousing success.  Nobody started yelling, nothing got broken, no over the top silly rhetoric was spluttered and the conversations as to why someone voted one way or another was reasoned and well thought out.

On my whiteboard when people came in I had them mark down whether they voted for:

The Results
The Stupid Guy:  4
The Evil Guy: 8

and a write in "The Grumpy Guy" got 1 vote.

(I let people  decide for themselves who was who.  I know some Kerry votes marked down "evil" as well as some Bush supporters.)

For me personally I voted for the evil guy. I'm now 2 for 4.   Locally some issues I voted for won, some issues I voted for lost.  And the sun still rose this morning.

My feeling is this.  If some crazy die hards on either side (and yes, there were some very polarized people) can get along under my roof there is hope for the country.

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