Jett (jatg) wrote,

The One Where I Explain Why There is No Naked Tuesday This Week.

I have been asked repeatedly,  (okay once,) where Naked Tuesday is this week.

Sadly, none this week. 

Tuesday I was home sick on my futon coughing my lungs out and watching a marathon of CSI.  I also also happily self medicated sipping some Theraflu.  While in my stupor the phone rang and it was Kamille telling me that sadly the Ever Lovely April had a bladder infection and would not be able to model.  The Also Lovely Cassanda couldn't make it either.
Whereupon I interrupted her tale of woe:

  "Kamille, I am sick on my couch and can not possibly model for you tonight."

Okay, *I* thought it was funny.

Also no Naked Tuesday next week because we will be home watching TV and screaming at commentators.

Also I will not be packing tonight to catch an airplane tomorrow to fly to Canada to scream at a TV on Tuesday there either.

And because I still find it funny, I am rerunning this cartoon:

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