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Friday, wooooaaahhohoho, Friday.

Taken from thefridayfive

1. What did you want to be when you grew up and why?
I wanted to be an artist at age 6.  It was pretty much a no brainer.  I loved to draw and I was good at it!  What ELSE was I supposed to do for a living?
I recognize this is rare but ultimately it is a good thing for the world that most people don't achieve childhood ambitions.
Otherwise we would have too many ballarinas, cowboys and firemen.

2. Who was your favorite person to do things with (excluding your parents)?
Generally my siblings.  One summer my two younger brothers and I built additions to a doghouse and slept out.  Big fun.
Didn't really have a lot of friends when I was a kid.  In high school I started hanging out with my friend Brittany.  We weren't really close
in elementary and Jr. High but we bonded in the bus to Davis High.  We still see each other at least a few times a month.

3. Did you love school or did you hate it? Why? Did that change as you got older?
Mostly it was something to be endured.  It got better as I got older and started having more options.
Yay for newspaper staff and drama.  My high school "brag moment" is having the lead in the school play.  "That's a pleasure you ain't gonna have, MIZZZZ TATE!"

4. Was your family close? What were your favorite family traditions?
I think like nearly every family we all had our own personal dramas going on.
We used to have an easter egg decorating contest every year.  Some of us got too much into it (re: me) and fought a bit too hard over how to pick winners.
Others barely tried.  (my oldest brother once painted a yellow circle on an egg and pronounced it an "egg."  Way to expand your horizons, bro. )

5. Did you think that being an adult would be cool?
I honestly never thought a lot about it because I was in no hurry to grow up.  The older I got the more cool I realized it was actually going to be.

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