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The subject today in sacrament meeting was The Restoration...which can be a really great topic. Today however we got the same talk 3 times by people who dug out the first missionary discussion and talked to the congregation like over half of us haven't been on missions and could still teach the thing in our sleep in a variety of different languages.
I know, Pres Kimball said that if you don't get anything out of church, it's your own fault...and truly I believe it. Today however I sat and drew several silly little cartoons with my brother.
As an additional challenge we started drawing with our left hands and it made me much more empathetic for people who can't draw. I know drawing is a mental excercise but I'd forgotten how it felt to work with something so clunky...that just didn't do what you told it to do.
I think I may do a little writing and drawing with my left hand every day. I'd like to try some left handed life drawing and see how that goes.

While I'm still going to move back to Seattle the question really is when. I know I will be in Utah at least until the end of June. I've got plans to jump out of an airplane for my birthday this year. I think my mom is pretending I'm not going to do it and I still have a few friends that gape when I mention it. I'm rather looking forward to it.

Speaking of things to look forward to, I'm hoping we get Finding Nemo in the next few days at the theater. I am so looking forward to this movie. It's been a lot of fun reading interviews with the director as well as some of the voice cast. I've heard Ellen steals the show. Also really looking forward to the teaser of The Incredibles they've got attached to the front of Nemo.

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