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Naked Tuesday

First off, I'm here at work and yes, it's 11:30 in the evening.  I am here because we have a quickie project that wasn't supposed to take much time.  The character I was  to be animating was supposedly already modeled and rigged...except when I got it, it was a disaster.  The short version is, our modeler/rigger had to totally rebuild the model that the client had given to us.  Poor Paul spent much of the weekend working on it and finally finished it up this afternoon.
By tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to have a walk, an idle and a few "screw around" idle animations while the character is waiting for the gamer to DO something.

I would also like to say this.  I do not mind burning the midnight oil every so often.  Nothing I have done has EVER been as strenous as school with the exception of finishing Tea for Two before a flight the next morning to Toronto.  That was nearly exactly like school.

This however...this is kind of fun.  I am blaring Imagine Avenue (thank you iTunes radio,) Beowulf is here...and I have the best cat EVER.  He is sprawled on his back, legs wide and blinking at me with big slow blinks.  I am in flannel PJs and nursing a diet Mt. Dew Code Red.  (they're quite good,) and I'm still feeling the endorphins of kickboxing tonight. 

So, go me.

For your viewing pleasure, again tonight, the ever lovely April.  And she IS lovely.  I've seen plenty of models but she has terrific lines.  Kamille who has drawn the world over and studied in Italy has said often she has never had a better model than April.

Because I wanted to see if I could still do it...let's start off with a super quick drawing.  (Click on the thumbnails for the Full April)

30 seconds:                                   
I like this one.  It's got an energy about it...the structure isn't worth a hill of beans but the gesture is definitely there.  Sometimes is it fun to nearly scribble and see what comes out.  She was getting ready for the long pose and was readjusting the pillows and blankets.

Five minutes
With the five minute pose, I think I messed the foreshortening up a bit but it does have a nice stretch going on.  I swear this girl has extra vertebrae in her neck so she can put it at those angles.  The paper was reallly orange so it popped the white out a LOT more than I thought it would. 

Twenty Minutes
  Meh.  I have ambivalent feelings about this one.  Which is too bad.  It was a cool pose and I liked the lighting a lot.  `Course I'm a sucker for cool lighting.  Yay for high contrast.

And hey, here's a bonus from last week!

Two minutes: 
I dunno,  I think there's something vaguely creepy about this one.  Maybe it's from watching the Japanese Ring trilogy.  Poor Sadako...all alone in that well.  The American long did it take her to die?  SEVEN DAAAYYYSSSS!!!!

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