Jett (jatg) wrote,

How I'm totally awesome at machine quilting

wurtmann thought it would be fun (and I agreed with her) for us to take a machine quilting class. I had seen them in action before in a few quilt stores and my prevailing thought always was, "I can do THAT!" Turns out I can.
I had to race away from wyckhurst's house this morning (buh BYEEEEE S and O and H!) and race to Farmington to drop off Beowulf who was VERY hungry (I had forgotten to take his food with me to my sister's house,) and then race to the quilt store. Yay that my mom had gotten the times confused and class started at 10:30 instead of 10. Yay that I didn't get a ticket going 85 in a 65 mph zone!

The class included a kit for a baby blanket so we learned how to pin those on the machine and then we had to practice drawing loops on a piece of paper. (heh) After a while my design got, shall we say, a little more intricate...and it was really cool when the instructor saw it and told me I could just go at it on the machine.
It was a little intimidating at first, getting used to the speed and how the controls handled but shortly thereafter away I went. Hee hee! I wound up drawing all sorts of designs though I can tell that there are some I would want to get used to drawing on paper. The trickiest thing seems to be giving yourself "escape routes" so you can do your design without having to double back a lot or cross over lines.
I think my mom had a good time too. Her loops and swirles and hearts and stars were cute (and honestly a lot more practical that most of my stuff!) and we both had a good time with the "follow the pattern" part of the class. It actually was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be to follow the laser pointer on the design.
So now we are both "Certified beginners," and have a learners permit to use the machine quilter at the store. Now I just have to make a quilt top to machine quilt!

In other news, I got my car cleaned out today, (sigh,) I got a vintage leather jacket I bought off ebay in the mail. I was thinking it was going to be a Christmas present...(I thought it was a size REALLY BIG.) Odds are with the family draw I would get one of the boys (since the only other girl would be my sister,) but apparently the jacket is in a size ME. And let me just continue my `Mary Sue, boy I'm awesome' post with a "Dang, I look badass in that jacket!"

Am also finishing up another sketchbook this evening (yay!) so it's been a productive day. Not too bad for a day that started with 2 little kids jumping up and down on me on my sister's couch! :D

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