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Random things

Kickboxing last night was awesome.  Actually got to spar a little.  (You take it really, really, really slow.  It's like learning the steps to a dance) 

The Jib Jab brothers did it again.  Watched the premiere of "Good to be in DC" last night on Leno.

I get to go window shopping.  First off, I need a window.  Then I need to pick out a MP3/CD player for Friday.  Kewl.

Thinking about going to visit New Zealand next November.  Could be a lot of fun.  Always wanted to go.  I need to get some stamps on my passport.  Canada never stamped it.  BOO.

The volcano cam is cracking me up.  I dunno, think it's raining?

I have about 2 months worth of Red Sparrow to put up.  Hopefully I will be able to sit down and scan them all on Sunday.  Thank you all for your patience.

Because tomorrow I am taking a machine quilting class with my mom.  I've always had a flair for continuous line drawings so this should be fun.

TONIGHT I am watching my sister's kids.  I am excited.  I am bringing a new movie to show them.  (another brilliant example of why Disney is such a mess.  They'll put crap like "Teacher's Pet" into movie theaters but the first Mickey feature (and it's GOOD!  I mean, it's really GOOD) gets shunted with little fanfare straight to DVD?  (and what's up with "Disney DVD"  Why do they always say that?  I mean, a "Disney DVD" is a regular DVD with the name "Disney" in front.  That company needs a lot less Marketeers, y'know?

Today is Bring your Cat to Work Day.  For me anyway.  Beowulf is sacked out on a spare chair next to me.  People stroll by to pet him.  I have the best cat EVER.

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