November 18th, 2010

Flying Ace

"Getting Ready" or "18 Hours and Counting!"

Getting ready to go to Japan. I started getting stuff done this morning and realized quickly I was working with no was just general madcap rushing.
I am about working hard, but because I am an Atwood, I am also very keen on working SMART.

Write it down, work from big to small and work from room to room. Away we go!

I'm very whelmed and very much trying to avoid the "over" prefix. Feeling slightly manic...but sometimes it's fun to feel that "crazy productive" high. I can crash on the plane ride, right?

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Flying Ace

"Spit Spot" or "Cleaning Up & Getting Ready to Go"

I don't think I've been tidying the house so much as I've been doing a "ritual clean." Every so often I get in this ... almost spiritual zone of purging, organizing, cleaning, seeking out the invisible dirty spots and putting things in order.

I always feel ready for a new phase when I am done.

I am really looking forward to going to Japan and hanging out with my brother and getting to know my sister in law better.

I am very pleased to know that my home will be *spotless* when we return. I've got a wealth of projects I'd like to get done before Christmas and before the end of 2010. It's doing nothing but getting faster.
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