August 18th, 2010

Flying Ace

"!0 Things" or "Hump Day Report and a Bonus!"

1. It's been a fairly productive day. I worked on resizing some elements for the poster I made for GOProud and will hopefully be heading to Petaluma to have gigiss take a look at it. He is much more familiar with how to properly prep artwork for bonafide printing than I am. Most of my work is for looking at online, doing stuff for an actual printer makes me nervous.

2. I got tentatively invited out to CPAC 2011 to participate in a panel. It could be fun but I need to generate enough $ to go. I'm betting the mood of CPAC following the 2010 midterm elections are going to be best described as giddy.
It would be a lot of fun to meet some of the pols and bloggers I admire and it's kind of fun seeing my cartoons are starting to get wider play.
I just need to translate doing the 'toons to actually generating me some *income.*

3. Beowulf is looking infinitely better since we got home. His thinning patches have already filled in nicely and he's back to sleeping on the bed. He was so hesitant about getting on it that it made us wonder if our house sitter had prohibited him from sleeping with her. I am *never* leaving him for that long again no matter how much I trust the sitter!!! I still can't believe his condition when we got home!

4. I'm getting back to my routine...I've been getting up with Lisa, going to make breakfast, do some acts of daily living (laundry, kitchen, general tidy) for an hour or so and then by 8:00 I buckle myself in and get to work.
The only thing out of the routine I need to build in is Krav Maga.

I had previously promised myself that back when I get a "regular job" I would get back into it but 2 months on the road put nearly 10 lbs on and there's nothing like looking at picture after picture of yourself for a few months on end to really inspire you and say "yeah, it really is that bad."

So I'm getting back into it NOW while I'm young enough my body can snap back. I do NOT want to go through the next decade feeling tired and dumpy. PASS.

5. I got plenty weary of the Prop 8 thing the FIRST time around. Now I just want to muzzle ANYBODY who brings it up now. Both sides...SHUT THE HECK UP.

6. I finished up the first draft of my rework of Puzzles today. Tomorrow I'd like to talk to my friends I sent it off to and then start making some revisions. The goal is to have it done and printed by APE. I got invited to sit at a booth with the provision I'd have something DONE for it.

7. So many projects, so little time. I need to have 4 or 5 goodlittle storyboard sequences by the end of October. I want to crank out a new one a week. My best reviewed ones seem to be the ones I just go for straight from the gut so I figure just burn through them and then I've got a bunch to pick from.

8. Maybe it's the weather in's bonafide chilly that puts thoughts of the holidays into my head but I'd like to talk with my siblings about drawing names for Christmas. That way I can start looking around thinking what I'd like to get/do for them this year.

9. I don't think one should use racial pejoratives on the radio ... just like I don't think one should curse on the radio...but with that said, I think Dr Laura was spot on. Why is it black comedians and rappers and other members of the black community can use that particular word with impunity but act like someone stood up and started peeing all over their dinner if a white person uses it?
It should have gone the way of "colored" ... antiquated and slightly embarrassing if an older person uses it (though we DO still have the NAACP) but it has instead turned into this ridiculously potent Word of Power. Nobody cares the context that a white person uses it...they are figuratively strung up for merely having UTTERED it.

Like Prop 8...I am so sick of cries of "Racism Here! Racism There!" Anytime someone tries to have an honest discussion of race in America they are immediately shouted down and run out of town by the PC thought police. I'm with Morgan Freeman. One of the best ways to dispel racism is to QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME.

10. I finished my "Zombie Reagan" design.


Saturday Lisa convinced me to go to the Emergency Care center at Kaiser. I had been wheezing more and more as the week had progressed and it had gotten bad enough I simply could not catch my breath.
Lisa and Brittany left me there (at my insistence) so they could finish digging out and organizing Lisa's classroom.
I felt better and better the longer I sat there to the point when I finally got called back I was afraid they would think I was a big faker.
The doctor listened to my lungs and sent me off for a chest X-Ray. I talked with the technician for a little bit, telling him about my youngest brother who did his job for the military.
"Oh, he's ahead of me then," said the tech. "He's getting PAID for it." Turns out my guy was still a student/intern. I did get to see the X-Rays before he went to get his supervisor's approval and it was some interesting viewing. All my bones seemed to be in the right space. I pointed out my heart, lungs, crap in my intestine (ha ha) and diaphragm. He seemed pretty impressed I could do that and also a bit surprised I had so many questions for him.
That's just how I roll baby.

Turns out I have athsamatic bronchitis. All those years of getting a little bit sick and having it move straight into my lungs have done a little damage since I guess I now have some minor scarring on my lungs.
I need to make a test with an allergist and find out just what all is setting me off.

I picked up my prescription at the pharmacy which included some antibiotics and for the first time in my life an inhaler.

I had to use it that night (it's always the worst when I lie down.) and while I wasn't real keen on the thing (don't sickly kids use these? I mean, I've seen Goonies!) I was astounded at how *quickly* it cleared my lungs up. It felt like a MIRACLE. 10 minutes later I was laying down, breathing with no problems and falling asleep.

Thank goodness for modern medicine!
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