August 11th, 2010

Flying Ace

"Putting it Together" or "Setting Up School"

Brittany likes long walks along the beach.

We went into the school today with Lisa to help organize her classroom and I was determined to do something with impact. I didn't want to just set up tables and call it good.

As the years have progressed Lisa's desk area has gotten more and more cluttered and congested to the point you couldn't even SIT at the thing since she had boxes of papers and books under and knick knacks and teaching aids and papers galore all over the top. Around the sides were increasingly cluttered book shelves and boxes full of who knows what.

I know she is a really good engaging teacher but if I were a parent and saw that I would think she was disorganized and by extension inefficient and incompetent. I think a lot of it has just gotten overwhelming so it simply has not been dealt with properly.

I pulled out the ancient computers that were sitting on the floor gathering dust since I met her (2006) and hauled them off to the computer room. I then proceeded to dig out the piles of papers and boxes and cleaned the floor really well.

Brittany went to work on her desk, sorting and organizing the drawers.

Several hours in, she and I went off to lunch leaving Lisa to sort the piles and boxes we had unceremoniously dumped at the front of the classroom. We worked for a little bit longer upon our return but remembering that Brittany HAD come here to be a tourist and see the sights in San Francisco and not to just be a helper, we took off for Chrissy Field and walked along the beach all the way to the fort.

It's good to connect with Brittany. She wants to see the sights but she also greatly enjoyed organizing drawers. Win

We didn't make it to Chinatown but think we will be able to make it in tomorrow.

Tonight, roll your own sushi, chatted with Annette a bit via Skype (I'm a fan of the 21st century) and now I am off to bed.