August 10th, 2010

Flying Ace

"Taxi Jett, at your Service" or "Hello, Goodbye, Hello!"

Mark A came into town for a short little jaunt yesterday on his way to Santa Barbara for a job interview. The initial plan was that we would hang out for a bit during the day and he would stay at a hotel close to SFO that night since his flight left the next day at "dark o'clock" as he put it.
He got a dinner invite in Palo Alto so he "rented" my car (he would return it full of gas) and went off for the evening.

He returned however lose to 10:00 looking very wiped. I did not want to DRIVE him to a hotel at SFO, nor did I want to put him on BART that late at night without a clear destination point so I invited him to spend the night on my oh so comfortable futon. I am a good sister because inviting him for the night meant that I was going to be getting up at pre dark o'clock to drive him to SFO.

Mark has a relentless alarm on his phone. It is a rooster crowing but unlike a REAL rooster, this does not have to pause to take a breath in between crows. Shatteringly loud COCKADOODLEDOOOO on top of each other is a ghastly sound at 5:00 AM.

I drove him to the airport, sent him on his merry way, came home, made myself some breakfast and then lay back down for a quick nap. It was close to 7:00 by this point. I was up again a little before 8, made myself a little more presentable and headed this time to Oakland airport where one of my childhood friends was going to be flying in.

I have known Brittany since I was 9, we've been good friends since we were 15 (bonding over not having cars and having to ride the bus to dear ol' Davis High like some of the OTHER girls in our neighborhood) and we've always kept in touch. She has come to visit me numerous times in my various locations, art school, Seattle but this was her first visit to San Francisco to see me.

She had a boring first day. Lisa and I had to go to the bank where I *finally* got officially signed up on our joint account, went to the thrift shop because I had forgotten to tell Brittany that summer in San Francisco is VERY different than summers elsewhere in the US and then we went to Home Depot.

I have had a project in mind we are finally getting going on. Our living room has a little fireplace but we use it for candles instead of a bonafide fire. I had acquired an embararssingly large amount of broken mirror and thought it would be a neat project to build a mirror/beach glass mosaic against the walls of the fireplace to help scatter the light from the candles and more illuminate the room.

Brittany was a good sport as Lisa and I stayed too long looking at grout. It also helped we had the iPad and she could play Bejeweled to her hearts content.

I have promised her that tomorrow we will let her experience San Francisco more as a tourist. We are going into the Marina district with Lisa as she starts her first day of school and I will walk Brittany along the bay shore and hopefully cross the bridge. In the afternoon we will go do China Town and I'm hoping that will wear her out for a quiet night in tomorrow night.

I still have a lot of personal projects I want to do but people have been so good to us on our trip taking time out of their schedules to feed and house and entertain us, the least I can do is behave the same towards one of my best friends.
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