August 9th, 2010

Flying Ace

"And back again" or "Out There."

Made it back from our grand continental excursion yesterday in the late morning. A little over two months on the road seeing all the corners of the United States makes me appreciate even more the country we live in. Despite political persuasions and a lot of the "red state/blue state" rhetoric, I found people all over were just good.

We met RV people, Lisa's friends, my friends, Lisa's family, my family, chatted with security guards at rest stops and quizzed National Park employees with dozens of questions about whatever park we were at.

We visited places where my family used to live, places Lisa has always wanted to see, friends from art school, high school, summer camp, Live Journal, National Monuments, National Museums, saw rainbows, the constitution, Dorothy's Slippers, a cave formation called "the Breast of Venus," Devil's Tower, the gravesite of my great, great grandfather, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and 4 of the 5 Great Lakes

We cuddled together for warmth, slept with the door open and me hanging halfway out, loathe to even touch each other accidentally as we simmered in our own nighttime sweat.

Every new place we went into we would ask each other if they could live there. There were a surprising number of "yeses." My general response was "Do I have high speed internet access?" I like the big open areas more than the cities, I didn't mind the humidity and heat of the south though I was extremely grateful for family and friends who generously shared their homes and their air conditioning while we were on that leg of the junket.

We really liked Southern Colorado. I have family there, the air and water are clean, the land doesn't cost an arm and a leg and the people are salt of the earth good people. There seems to be very little drama in the San Luis Valley. Something to think about in the long distant future.

The trip has given me a lot to think about, a lot to process. Even while we were going the trip seemed a blur. Some days were so full that as we collapsed into our little teardrop trailer that that very morning felt an eternity ago. Texas feels like a million years ago...DC even more remote and Devil's Tower and Crazy Horse...those were adventures I dreamed once.

And now we are back.