April 26th, 2010

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"Productivity" and "Ticky ticky"

It's amazing how fast days go when I am busy, busy. Today for instance I got out of bed at 7:30, went for a quick walk, made some breakfast (salad with kidney beans and some cottage cheese) brewed some green tea and didn't really get up until 2:45 when a friend came over to go running with me.

I finished up my Superman boards and made revisions to my camel sequence as well as the Miller's Crossing sequence this last weekend. I know I have to have at least one more killer sequence and after some brainstorming with Bryce decided I would do a `Jackie Chan'-esque bit. I'm planning on setting it up with him as a night janitor in a museum while 3 ninjas enter the place to rob it of a jade monkey. Hilarity and fight sequences ensue. I watched a lot of Jackie Chan yesterday on YouTube.

The thing is, I had a goal to have my portfolio OUT to the various studios by the end of April but I don't think I'm going to make the deadline. It's going to take at least a week and a half to do a new board sequence and I feel like I'm currently out of time.

I worked today on some comic pages for the next two installments of Sunstone...I've got a hefty order and I'd like to have the lions share done in the next 10 days..mostly so I can get PAID. My bank account is currently like Mother Hubbard's cupboard and I've got some bills due.

My car insurance is up, I still need to get my car REGISTERED, I need new glasses AND I'm seeing the dentist this week about getting a dental implant...something that has GOT to be done before the top molar moves any more.

Still though, it was nice to work on something new and I really blew through most of the pages today. Granted, I was in extremely fast layout mode...pick the angles, scribble in roughly where the characters are going to be and set the dialogue in place so you where to work around, but it was deeply satisfying watching the story come to life.

Stephen and I make a good team I think. This was the first script he sent me without his thumbnail stickman layouts (not that he was every super picky about me following them in the first place) and it was fun laying them out the way I wanted, trying to incorporate everything I had learned about storyboarding...subtle things like who should have an upshot...who was actually in control in a scene and how things reverse to push the plot forward...figuring out how to stage some complicated action based on a simple descriptive sentence.

Stephen is very good about letting me alter the dialogue somewhat (many times just to avoid awkwardly shaped balloons) and condensing some scenes and expanding others. I think we've got a bit o a mutual admiration society. I really, really admire his storytelling and making me really care about characters...enough that I was tearing up a little bit drawing the final demise of one and I think he likes seeing his stories brought to life at my hand.

So the storyboards are going to have to get put on hold. I'd like to finish them up by the end of May but honestly we'll have to see how things go. I am heading back to Utah for a week in May and while there are a lot of things I want to get done storyboarding isn't really on the list.

When I get back to SF we'll have a little over 2 weeks before we hit the road for our Great American Tour.

The clock ticks on.
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