February 14th, 2010

Flying Ace

"Ten Things" or "Moving Musings"

1. We signed the papers yesterday on the new place.
2. I have been packing and dejunking like mad fiend. Right now the place looks like a disaster area and I yearn for a dumpster. I have made multiple runs to the goodwill. I'd like to divest ourselves of about 30% of our accumulations.
3. This move has not been settling well with Lisa. She has lost about 6 lbs since we found out we had to move. When you are as small/petite as she is that is *noticable.* I have been trying to pack the calories on her when she comes home from school but I am also up to my eyeballs in getting us ready to go from Point A to Point B.

I am much more accustomed to change than she is. She has lived in this house 8.5 years. She lived in the same house her entire growing up. Her dad always had the same job. She never had to change schools.

I love her but she really doesn't know how to go about *moving.* As I said before, it's not been settling well with her so I have been giving her jobs to do that don't require a lot of decision making. Today she sat and uploaded CDs to her iTunes so we could get rid of the actual CDs. The more we get rid of, the less we have to move!

4. I have much more empathy and understanding looking back on our family's great migration from North Carolina to Utah. My poor mother had to have the house at a constant "show" level for prospective buyers, deal with 4 kids, an absent husband and THEN pack the whole place up and be more or less ready to go when my dad came back from Utah to drive us across the country.
My Aunt Laura and Uncle Eldon and my cousin Bruce, fresh off his Thailand mission came out and helped get things ready. I'm sure my mother was incredibly grateful...and looking back...probably really angry at my dad.

5. *edited out*

6. Working on my storyboard portfolio continues though I have to put it a bit on hold to get us moved. I'm planning on getting it finished and show worthy by Wonder Con. A ver lo que pasa.

7. I still don't like Valenines Day...the holiday brought to you by Hershey's and Hallmark. Overblown, over hyped, over pressurized. If you're not with anybody it sucks. If you ARE you're supposed to go nuts to prove you care. PASS.


9. Went to Ashleigh Sumner's gallery showing tonight. I'm not usually a fan of abstract art. Most if it just seems like an undisciplined scam. Generally I like things that look like things. Her stuff though I find really interesting. I'm never bored looking at her stuff. Couldn't buy anything but someday I hope to be flush enough I could pick up a piece or two. It also helps that she's super nice.

10. Lisa falls asleep *really* quickly. Rats. I didn't get a chance to feed her again tonight. If she hits under 100 lbs, it's NOT MY FAULT.

"Noah Rising" or "Abstract Inspirations

I went to Ashleigh Sumner's gallery opening last night. Ordinarily I'm not a real fan of abstract art but I found her work really fascinating. I'd love to watch the process because boy, does she layer on the paint.

I used it as a springboard inspiration for this month's back Sunstone cover. I think it's coming out pretty well.

Noah Rising Cover


What do you think sirs?
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