February 9th, 2010


"Shot progression" or "Putting it together"

So I finished up inking and toning the 6 page story for the next issue of Sunstone. Moving on from Zeniff we're now starting to delve into his son Noah.

I don't often use photo reference, mostly because I have to move quickly but there was one frame I had the hardest time getting due to angles and lighting so when Lisa got home I enlisted her help.

I took quite a few photos and wound up using this one as the reference shot. What's interesting is that *because* it came out sightly blurry it was actually more helpful for me in determining shapes rather than getting lost in lines.

Sketch I sketched over and over it several times making the adjustments I needed. I couldn't have it scream "photo reference" in the middle of the page. It needed to look like it belonged with everything else. I also worked hard getting Noah in and looking the way I wanted him to.
It was fun starting to play with the light a little bit. I decided with the photo shoot it would feel moody and pensive in the shot to have a single source.

Final Finally I got the inking and toning done. I think it came out pretty well.