September 8th, 2009


"Laboring" or "Cleanliness is..."

We woke up this morning thinking we were going to go to the climbing gym and then to a sing a long of Mary Poppins at the Castro Theater... but wound up doing a fairly deep clean of the upstairs. Lisa deep cleaned the bathroom which I tackled the kitchen (it's hard to keep the kitchen clean on a day where you are cleaning since there is SO much going in and out, plus the eating.)

I did some slight restructing in the studio, sliding my animation desk out a bit to make it more comfortable to sit out. BJ is coming out in October and I want to make sure the visit will be as productive as he hopes. We also swapped out my sound system which has had a buggy base for a while with one I inherited from Lawrence but was currently not being used. I kept trying to tape up the pre fall of the Soviet Union world map we liberated from Lisa's childhood bedroom but it keeps wanting to fall off the wall. I need to get some better tape.

Next up, the living room! I pulled every knickknack on display on the mantle and side shelfs, cleaned it and put less than half back up. The other items I put carefully in a box and have them under the futon. It really shows off better some of the neat things Lisa has collected on her travels as well as some of my art projects (John) because your eye is better directed.

I ended with cleaning the bedroom. Vacuumed, cleaned the baseboards, got the laundry put away, did some digging under the bed, got the chest of drawers all cleaned up, the mirrors polished... and now I am sitting at the floor of the bed enjoying freshly vacuumed carpet and vanilla candles.


Many things to do tomorrow. I need to finish up one page of the Sunstone Book of Mormon comic and get started on the next page. I also want to make it to the climbing gym, climb for a little bit and then go to the boxing class. I've missed it and it's SO good for my soul.

Yes, I know I haven't written for a good long while. I'm trying to repent of that.
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"Book of Mormon Musings" or "What Was Abinadi Like?" or "How drawing comics makes me read my scriptures."

This last weekend I got the next batch of stick figure thumbnails from the editor of Sunstone for our ongoing Book of Mormon comic series. He has been expanding dramatically the story of Zeniff and I have to say I'm really getting into it. There are definitely funny moments, but he's treating the original material with respect and adding some nuances admid the comedy that have got me thinking and pondering and cracking open my scriptures to reread the original story.

One of the biggest liberties he has taken with the story is creating a relationship between Zeniff...a spy, then colonizer of new lands and later king and defender of his city and Abinadi...a prophet of God. All the pictures artists have painted of Abinadi show him as older, white haired with a long beard. I've been drawing him a lot younger, shaved head, earing and a handlebar mustache. Part of it is the comedy...completely skewing past portrayals of him...but, curious as it sounds, it has also made him more real to me.

(For those of you not in the know, Abinadi shows up in the Book of Mormon narrative only briefly...he emerges to lay down some serious doctrine and calling to repentence upon Noah...Zeniff's son before meeting his untimely end.)

Introducing him earlier (and who's to say Zeniff *didn't* know Abinadi?) and seeing the role Abinadi plays in Zeniff's life...a wise counselor who gently reminds Zeniff to rely on the Lord as well as a kick butt fighter who will also head down to the battlefield to help defend the city ...none of which he actually DOES in the BoM narrative has given me cause to stop and reflect on what we DO know about Abinadi.

Heavenly Father doesn't just zap a generic prophet into the area and program them with a set of instructions on who to go preach to. He was no stranger to the city when he first appeared before King Noah. He knew the people...he knew the city. He very well could have known King Zeniff and it probably caused him no small amount of pain to go before Zeniff's SON and call him to task for his wicked and destructive living.

This sermon before Noah and his priests/counselors only manages to penetrate the heart of one person ... who went on to change the course of Nephite history...but I'm really getting ahead of myself.

This next section of the comic is a barn burner. Here's a sneak peek:

Bit of page 01 of Zeniff Part III

What do you think sirs?