February 5th, 2009


"Daily Doodle" or "Stargazing"

Watching the Perseids

I *really* like how this one came out. As I worked on it I was falling more and more in love with it and more and more afraid I was going to screw it up! However it's done and I still love it. Not a super quick sketch...it took me about an hour.

I wanted to capture the feeling of the early morning...the best time to catch the Perseid meteor shower in August.


What do you think sirs?
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"The Day's Report" or "Twitch Twitch Twitch"

It was another productive day today though I spent it on another project that had to get worked on this red hot second. I think all of them are done for the time being and I can get back to work on the Lola animation.

I had to get a DVD made of the Cinderella puppet show. Taking the video footage off one of the other puppeteer's camera and getting all the other clips I had in order took a while as did figuring out some of the ins and outs of iMovie and iDVD. I had to create a little bit of content which was fun.

The whole thing wound up being a little under 2 hours...so making everything and then BURNING it took a goodly while. While it was going I didn't dare open Animate...I was afraid of horking my computer with two robust programs and I didn't want to start the DVD burn all over again.

One of the last days of performance me and Texas (another puppeteer) went backstage, grabbed a few of the puppets and acted out scenes to her Into the Woods soundtrack. Fortunately Lisa captured a lot of them and I put them on the DVD as well.

I made some little cartoon slides for the Into the Woods clips on the DVD. Here's the one I made for "Agony." It was about a 20 minute doodle.


In other news...my right eye has been twitching the last few days. It's increasingly annoying. I also had a hive breakout last night...and I know it wasn't anything wheat or sugar related that set it off. I think I need to find an extremely mild laundry detergent as well. Any suggestions are more than welcome!
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