January 14th, 2009

b&w typing


Today for lunch I heated up a piece of chicken...and was slowly eating it as I was working and talking with BJ when I was hit with a wave a nausea. It wasn't just a mild "ugh" it was "Oh man...this is coming back up!" I barely got the phone down and grabbed a garbage can when it all came back up. Nasty.
I sat in a cold sweat, fighting back tears and resisted the urge to call my mommy.


I've got two sequences done for my big gig. I've been laying out the next sequence and got the first scene roughed out. It's been a while since I've really done THIS much 2D animation and it's been a lot of fun shaking off the rush. I've been showing BJ the sequences as I've been going along and his advice and commentary has been really invaluable. The editors love what they've seen so far and they've really given me pretty broad latitude to work which has been great.
This project has been taking up most of my days and it's nice rolling out of bed in the morning and having a project to get to.


I quit eating processed sugar at the start of the year and already I've been feeling worlds better. I've cut down drastically on flour as well. I have a really hard time with moderation...I'm very good with "all or nothing." Sigh.
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