September 3rd, 2008


"5 things" or "At random..."

1. Lisa and I have started couch to 5K. Me because I really need it and her because she wants to improve her distance running. We should be on our third week but due to some rust coming off and trying to establish a set schedule we're on week one. I'm actually rather proud of myself at how well I'm doing. Hopefully by the start of November we'll be running 3 miles. That'll be a good start.
I'm having some mission flashbacks... my trainer liked to run so we'd get up at 5:30 in the morning and go.

I'd started running in the MTC and had worked myself up to a mile and a half so we'd go off...and while I wasn't FAST I was steady but I do remember looking up and seeing her waaaaaaay in the distance ahead of me. It annoyed me but there wasn't anything I could do about it. Now I plug along and see Lisa running ahead and there still isn't much I can do except keep putting one foot in front of the other. GAH.

I think I am losing weight though because all of the sudden when I run I can feel my gut and butt moving around big time. This is, of course, revolting and gross but I'm hoping it's because the fat is breaking up as I've been exercising and eating better. Yes?

2. I've suddenly been very busy which is good. I'm doing some poster and postcard work for the Christmas shows of Cinderella which has been an interesting challenge. I've also got a booklet to put together which will be a fun challenge. Learning InDesign for it which seems fairly intuitive.
I just got a gig to do two quick "get out the vote" type of commercials which I'm looking forward to. Waiting on getting the audio and then I can just hit it.
Still need to finalize some logo stuff for my dad. (He took me on an airplane ride in his Moony as trade. Woo hoo!)

3. Sarah Paliin rocks. Gotta love those Alaska chicks. "She didn't just throw out red meat...she slaughtered a small cow." Moose, I think. Which she shot and dressed herself. Who knew there was somebody who could get the base SO excited.

4. The #4 slipped in the tub.

5. Darn. I can't think of a thing. Goodnight everybody!
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