July 18th, 2008


"Oil Asshattery" or "Dear Nancy" or "Ranty McRanterson!"

I live in Nancy Pelosi's district and I email her office often, mostly to express my displeasure. I cheerfully recognize however in her district I am not just the loyal opposition...I think I may be the ONLY opposition. But it's starting to get on my nerves when I contact her office regarding a particular issue...and I get a form letter response thanking me for my SUPPORT of her policies.

"Dear Nancy...do you even READ the letters your office gets?" (pbhtt. Probably not.)

No wonder the Congress has an approval rate that is hoving between 9 to 13%. Crack dealers and hookers have a higher approval rating than these ding dongs! People may not like W...but they think even LESS of the Senate and Congress...and they DESERVE it. Any pol who looks at a *viable* solution to ANYTHING and wails, "But...but..that won't come into effect for at least x years!" should automatically be thrown out of office since they've just proven they're not interested in long term REAL fixes and are instead focused on their own political power. Everyone of them that was whining about more drilling domestically 10 years ago saying "But...it'll be at least 10 years (which it WOULDN'T) before the oil even comes online!" should be tarred and feathered. Ten years goes by ANYWAY and if we were producing (and REFINING) our own oil domestically we wouldn't be so righteously screwed right now.

I don't *CARE* about how much $ "Big Oil" is making (like there's such a think as "Little Oil;) they make less per gallon than the Feds take in on taxes! This is a country that put a man on the moon! There's a way we can get a LOT of OUR OWN FRAKKING oil and get it cleanly and keep the $ here in the US! It's INSANE we send over 700 BILLION DOLLARS overseas...and to countries that always HATED us...that are so backwards they chop hands off thieves, hang homosexuals, and don't think women shouldn't only be NOT HEARD...they shouldn't be SEEN either and dress them black sacks and slaughter their daughters if they even suspect she has somehow damaged the family honor. Cultural relativism notwithstanding...I don't want MY money going over there when it could go to an American worker with an American company for American energy independence. AAAUUGGHHH!!!!

So when a political party is opposed to any domestic drilling because "it wouldn't do anything anyway...and especially right now" and "drilling is a hoax" and think the solution is to hold hearings, raise taxes and plant down windmills...and then wonder why gas has gone from a $2.50 average when they assumed power in the Congress and Senate to over $4.25 a gallon I really wonder what universe they are living in! GOOD GRIEF!!!

"Dear Nancy

Here are some basic economics:

The less of that commodity, the higher the price.
The more of that commodity, the LOWER the PRICE.



Yes, we should be looking at other forms of energy. Coal, Solar, Wind, Natural Gas, Nuclear...let's do it ALL...but when gas is creeping to $5 a gallon...when food prices are going up (and we're burning up our FOOD supply for energy...that's INSANE) when our economy is grinding to a shuddering halt because nobody can afford to buy anything or make anything or ship anything or employ anyone... to oppose going and getting our own frakkin' oil is nigh to criminal!